Free 28 Minute Clinical Hypnotherapy Heals Your Mind, Body and Soul by Simply Listening...

Refresh your energy and empower new positive beginnings for your life

  • Effortlessly expand your awareness and tune in to higher vibrations

  • Connect with your inner child, your future self, and your soul vision to raise your confidence & self esteem

  • Experience gentle relaxation in every cell of your being

  • Instantly let go of negative feelings and thoughts

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Credentials: Licensed clinical hypnotherapist, reiki master, certified sex therapist, certified life coach, kundalini yoga teacher, sacred sound facilitator, addiction recovery counselor, trauma counselor, domestic violence counselor, grief counselor, certified in emotional freedom technique and neurolinguistic psychology, neuroscience expert, wealth energetics expert, divine feminine and womb healing, holistic healing, Iranian, Native American and Japanese mysticism teacher, professionally trained in inner child healing, catharsis emotional release, astral travel, and so much more, QHHT hypnosis specialist and quantum regression hypnosis specialist, akashic record reading, human design, certified in shamanic facilitation, BS environmental science & human health.

Disclaimer: all healing services and products are for the soul who is 100% committed to their evolution, there are no refunds, returns or exchanges.